It appeared that Mason Williams was heading for retirement, but we are happy to say that he has been making special appearances lately. September found Mason in San Diego performing with many other amazing guitarists for Primal Twang's project

He also played with friends, Art Maddox, Mark Schneider, Thom Bergeron and Dennis Caffey for the Pacific Northwest Librarians Association.

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Mason has played a variety of theme concerts, performed by Mason & Friends alone, or with a symphony orchestra. Each show is described in detail below:

Performances in the more recent past:

Summer 2003/2004

Mason Williams at CAAS 2003 & 2004

Nashville was treated to a rare appearance by Mason Williams where he was an honored guest at the Chet Atkins Appreciation Society Convention. Our thanks to Mark Pritcher and Larry Long for making it happen. The 2004 show was a fabulous performance. Mason was joined by Zoe McCulloch, Edgar Cruz, Ruben Romero and other great players for fun and entertaining sessions.

Spring 2002

Mason's Bluegrass band performed his fun and popular shows in Colorado. These were very special events and those in attendance got the chance to see Mason in his only performances scheduled this year. He played three shows:

Winter 2001

On stage -- Mason Williams and Friends performed in February with the United States Air Force Band in Washington, D.C. Mason were featured at their 2001 Guest Artist Series - 35th Anniversary Season. For more information about the concert series, call The United States Air Force Band's Concert Line at (202) 767-5658 or check out their web site at

Williams' yuletide concerts to take a holiday -- Once again, Mason Williams and Friends treated his community to a Holiday Pops concert with the Eugene Symphony. Joined by special guest guitarist, Don Latarski, and amazing vocalist Marilyn Keller, the show was his best ever, but unfortunately for us, it may be the last show at home. After six years of sell-out crowds and public acclaim, Mason's holiday-themed, homegrown variety show is being packed away for now. Williams is moving on to other publishing and writing projects. The 2000 show will likely be his last -- in the holiday vein, that is.

Fall 2000

Mason Williams performed with Hollis Taylor at the grand openings for EPOCH Assisted Living. The first performance was in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, September 19th. The next was at Overland Park, Kansas City, Missouri on September 21st. The audience enjoyed a variety of tunes from Mason's pop career.

Summer 2000

Monday, August 14th, Mason enjoyed a live performance at the University of Wisconsin auditorium. This performance was a kick off for the new publication of a "Them Poems" chapbook by the University Press. The chapbook and a special archive release of "Them Poems" on CD is now available by special order.

Wednesday, August 16th 7:30PM -Mason appeared a second night in Wisconsin at the "Big Top Chautauqua," in Washburn. The performance featured "Them Poems", other poetry, songs and instrumentals. Appearing with Mason was violinist, Hollis Taylor, Warren Nelson and The Blue Canvas Orchestra.

Full History of Mason Williams Performances: (to come)